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About us

Founded in 2012 by Rafael Giglio, driven by his passion about physiology of exercise and sports performance, RG Sport Peformance delivers individualised online coaching for triathlon, running and strength and conditioning.

During my journey of been an amateur athlete, I participated in many different multi-sport activities all over the world, such as short and long courses triathlon races, marathons, ultra marathons and adventure races. Going through all the process of preparing for these events, and analysing the reasons why I had a good or a bad performance on the race day, always fascinated me. Did I prepare physically properly? Was my nutrition strategy right? How was my mindset pre and during the competition? How good was my sleep and recovery process going? There are some many aspects that can impact performance during training ando race day, that it is a big misleading to only focus on the physical part of it.

On the early days of triathlon and running, you could not find many scientific research and information about all these topics. So the training process was very empiric and the guess work was big. Nowadays there are plenty of great quality information available for coaches to really understand what is happening with the physical and emotional parts of the athlete, and apply the right methods to bring the best out of each athlete.

By testing, we are able to creat an unique metabolic fingerprint and make sure that the training is addressing exactly the areas that we need to focus on. Increasing the accuracy of the volume, intensity and recovery (food, sleep, treatments) during the training process, we maximise the quality of training and reduce the risks of overtraining or injuries.