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Metabolic Test

Metabolic tests such as lactating test and Vo2Max test, should be an integrated part of any training program for endurance sports. Tests will reduce the percentage of guessing and increase the accuracy on the training program. Following our methodology, we performance regular tests during the athlete’s season.

At the beginning of the training period to set the areas that needs to be addressed during the first blocks of training. Next we test to evaluate if the proposed plan is moving into the right direction and make new adjustments on the specific blocks of training. And closer to the main event, we test specially to set the appropriated race strategy in terms of pacing and nutrition. We also run control tests during specific workouts, to make sure that the athlete is applying the proper intensity and recovering as expected during resting times.

We have our one protocols and we also use the INSCYD protocols and software to analyse data. You can do the test on site with us or we can provide you the protocol to do it remotely and after that we will analyse and give you a full report about the test results.