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RG Sport offers individualised online coaching for any running distance and terrain.

We have a lot of experience on coaching athletes preparing for any running races, from 3km track and field events until ultra trail marathons.

The beauty of running and its simplicity is almost unbeatable. All you need is a pair of shoes(or not) and you are ready to go. You can explore places and reach points that would never be accessible by car or bus. It will take your body and mind to beautiful places and release the stress of daily life while keeping you focused on your goals.

On the other side, training for performance is an extremely complex process, where volume and intensity of training should be meticulously calculated.

Nutrition also plays a very important roll on this process, where knowing the exactly quantities of calories and fluid intake needs is a must in order to optimise training quality.

We also know that running, without properly guidance and with very small mistakes, can lead to injuries, overtraining and disappointment. So adding an integrated strength program can build a strong body that will be able to the manage the physical stress of the training process and adaptation phases.