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Strength Conditioning

RG Sport offers individualised online coaching both as an integrate part of your triathlon and running program as well to improve health and wellness.

Strength and conditioning on our way of seen things, should be an integrated part of any human been lives, both for professionals or amateur athletes. Life goes beyond sports performance and it is extremely important to have a health and fit body, that is capably of doing the daily life tasks in an optimal way.

The strength training on sports performance for us, have the main goals of reducing the risks of injury as well to increase movement efficiency and economy. By been injury free, you will not miss training sessions, increasing the consistency on training, what we know is extremely important for middle to long terms results. By increasing your efficiency, the quality of each workout will increase, and theoretically, you should expect positive outcomes.

You can apply strength training on two traditional ways; while doing your sport (swimming with paddles or cycling up hill or running with parachuting etc.) or by going to the gym and lifting weights. Each case requires different approaches, but overall we believe on both methods and we apply them according to the unique athlete needs.