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Training Camp

RG Sport organise two training camps during the season. Training camps are a great opportunity to focus even more on the training process, not only on the training sessions but on all aspects related to the recovery between each workouts. We can clearly see the positive or negative effects of good or poor nutrition, sleep, and training volume/intensity management.

In summer (July) our base is in Livigno, Italy, at 1900m above the sea level. Livigno offers perfect conditions for training, specially to build solid foundation on cycling and running. The atmosphere is contagious, with lots of international olympic team and world champs athletes training in the city. With plenty of routes available and with a great variety of elevation and terrain, it offers the perfect conditions to submit the body to many different situations. On the swimming part, the focus is mainly on technique, with options to swim on short and long distance pools. In Livigno we also expose the body to the altitude. There are many physiological adaptation that occur during an altitude training camp, and if the time of the camp during the season is correct and the training program loads and intensities are applied properly, the results are fantastic.

In winter (January) our base is in Dubai, UAE. Dubai offers world class facilities for training, both on flat and hilly courses and the weather during this time is just perfect. The very famous cycling tracks in Dubai, such Al Qudra and Meydan, offers perfect conditions for training, while been very close to the city centre. We can also enjoy the mountains of the UAE, both for cycling or running off road, by driving only 60min from town. There are also many swimming pools and track and field facilities available.