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RG Sport offers individualised online coaching for any triathlon distance.

We have proven experience and results on coaching athletes looking to complete their first ironman 70.3 or wanting to qualify for the ironman 140.6 world championship.

Preparing for a short or long course event requires a lot of planning and precise application of the training methods in order to achieve the desired results.

The metabolic tests will show us exactly what is the athletes metabolic fingerprint and the areas that needs to be addressed according to their specific goals. The constant testing during the training process will increase the accuracy of both volume and intensity prescriptions, minimising the guessing work and improving exponentially the quality of the training.

With the same importance as the physical training, we need to look into other pillars of the performance outcome, such as nutrition, recovery and mindset.

You can have a very well prepared physical part, but if the mindset is not on the state it should be, probably you will perform far behind your capability. The same applies to nutrition, as if you can not fuel your body with the proper amount of calories and fluids needs for the specifics of each event, you pillars that most of the times we do not give the respect we should, is the recovery. Starting from your sleep and moving into recovery treatments, a body and a mind that are fatigued can not perform at their full capacity.